Voter Information

This year in Colorado, the Mid-Term Election will be conducted by an all mail ballot.
Please use the links and information below to double check your voter registration information.
To win, our supporters must receive their ballots!


Election Day: November 4, 2014
Ballots Mailed Out: October 14th, 2014


Step 1: Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote? Is your address up to date?
If so, you will get your ballot after it is mailed out on October 14th.
If you are unsure about your voter registration information,
use the links below to register or update your voter registration information:

Register to Vote

Check My Voter Registration

Update My Voter Registration


Step 2: Sign Up for a Reminder to Vote

Provide your email address below to receive news, updates, and
a reminder to vote from the George Leing for Congress campaign.

Step 3: Vote

Use the links below to find a ballot drop off location in your county.
You can also return your ballot via mail. 

Please note - each county has a different deadline for getting your ballot in the mail
in time to be received by election day on November 4th.

Boulder County  |   Broomfield County   |  Clear Creek County 

Eagle County  |   Gilpin County   |   Grand County   |   Jefferson County

Larimer County   |   Summit County   |   Park County


Step 4: Tell Your Friends

This is a critically important election. We are going to need everyone's help getting out the vote.
Please use the buttons below to tell your friends.