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The Secret to Economic Growth

The Secret to Economic Growth
George Leing parts ways with some Republicans, calls for closing corporate loopholes

(Fort Collins, CO) - George Leing visited Woodward Inc., an innovative company based in Fort Collins that supplies technologies to the aerospace and energy industries world-wide, with the goals of creating increased efficiencies, lowering costs and reducing emissions.  They discussed the economy in general and the challenges Woodward faces moving forward, including corporate taxes and onerous regulations. 

Today George Leing released the first plank in his platform to create jobs and improve the economy.

Currently, the U.S. combined corporate income tax rate is 39.1%, the highest among the member nations of the OECD.  Leing asserts, "We must flatten and simplify our corporate tax code and bring back money to our shores that is sitting idle.  In addition, we have an amazing workforce here in America, and incredible innovation and manufacturing potential, but government regulations make American-based operations uncompetitive.  We must roll back unnecessary regulations and lower the corporate tax rate to return jobs back to our country."

Leing continues, "Unlike some fellow Republicans, I believe we must close many, if not all, of the loopholes in the corporate tax code that spring from special interests, and we must reduce our corporate tax rate to 25% as proposed by Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI).  Creating a fairer, flatter tax rate would have an immediate positive effect on economic growth."

George Leing is running against Jared Polis to represent Colorado's Second Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In the photo: George Leing meets with Woodward Chairman and CEO Tom Gendron