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Jared Polis Finally Fesses Up: Obamacare Contains Massive Tax Hike [Press Release]

(BOULDER, CO) – Republican Congressional Candidate George Leing today challenged Rep. Jared Polis for remarks made during a House Rules Committee Hearing, in which Polis claimed that the House’s lawsuit against President Obama was tantamount to a tax hike.  Polis alleged that Republican efforts to require the President to enforce the law would necessitate enforcement of the long-delayed Obamacare employer mandate, and characterized the mandate as a tax increase. 

“I appreciate that Jared Polis now realizes what most employers already understand: that the Obamacare mandate on businesses is a job-killing tax hike.  Jared Polis was a ring-leader in trying to round up votes to pass Obamacare.  Does he now regret Obamacare’s passage?  Or just the employer mandate? 

“Congressman Polis’ tacit acknowledgement of Obamacare’s danger to the economy and its political toxicity is welcome news.  If honored by the voters of Colorado’s Second Congressional District to represent them in Congress, I will work to repeal Obamacare in favor of free-market solutions that provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans.”

Click HERE to see Rep. Polis makes the remarks at 4:17:00 

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