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"New Leadership That Can Change Washington"

September 30, 2014
Contact: Tamra Farah, Communications Director
Cell: (719) 291-5588
(Denver, CO) –George Leing released a new TV ad targeting the folks he hopes to represent in Congress. Leing explains, “According to a Rasmussen poll released this month, only 25% believe their Congressman should be re-elected.  We conducted a Magellan poll in June and found 43% of the voters want to send someone new to Congress from our District.”
Leing continues,  “My opponent, Jared Polis, has clearly demonstrated that he has apersonal agenda as an ‘Obama Democrat’ and Washington insider. I would be honored to serve the people of our District and truly represent their interests in Washington.” 



"Washington is dysfunctional, politicians looking out for themselves and their parties – instead of you.  I’m George Leing.  We can’t settle for what we see in Washington right now.  I’ve spent thirty years in business, including at a renewable energy company.  I’m committed to progress and getting things done.  Let’s break the gridlock in D.C., create jobs, and get government out of the bedroom.  For new leadership that can change Washington, vote George Leing.  I’m George Leing, and I approve this message."

George Leing has served as a business negotiator for over thirty years and most recently as counsel to an alternative energy company in the District.  Leing is running against Jared Polis in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District.