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Leing vs Polis: Different on Energy

September 24, 2014
Contact: Tamra Farah, Communications Director
Cell: (719) 291-5588
(Fort Collins, CO) - George Leing, running against Jared Polis in Colorado’s second congressional, today called for an all-of-the-above strategy for energy development with an emphasis on safety and an avoidance of corporate welfare.  “My opponent, Jared Polis, is extreme when it comes to energy development in our state.  In a now infamous video he stood out in front of his second home in Weld County whining about a rig and trucks across the street where a neighbor was exercising their mineral rights to drill on their land.” 
Polis’ stunt outside his second home demonstrates that he doesn’t trust the oversight of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC).  “Our laws and regulations serve as a model for the entire nation,” states Leing.  “Apparently that’s not enough for Polis.” 

Leing says, “The safe energy development we enjoy in Colorado has brought over 100,000 jobs to Colorado and lowers energy costs for families struggling to make ends meet. 
“Having worked for a renewable energy company, I endorse an all-of-the-above strategy.  But I do not support using taxpayer resources to subsidize or reward one company or industry at the expense of others.  Corporate welfare of this sort inevitably rewards the politically-connected, deep-pocketed industries and companies who can afford lobbyists.  Politicians should not be playing favorites.”

George Leing is seen here at the Powerhouse Energy Campus at Colorado State University which exemplifies alternative energy development.