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George Leing Signs Loveland Energy Action Project Pledge

Loveland, CO – George Leing today signed the Loveland Energy Action Project pledge in support of Loveland natural gas development and called on Jared Polis to abandon his job-killing crusade against Colorado’s energy-sector job producers.  Leing will attend a rally to be held tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., at the Foote Lagoon Amphitheater at Loveland Civic Center Park.  The public is invited to attend the rally, which is sponsored by the Loveland Energy Action Project.

“Responsible natural gas development is a key sector of our economy in Colorado, supporting thousands of middle class families,” said Leing.  “These bans endanger 110,000 jobs statewide at a time when our economy is struggling to grow.  President Obama declared that natural gas is a bridge fuel to cleaner forms of energy.  I agree.  Hydraulic fracturing has been used safely in Colorado for over sixty years, thanks to Colorado’s nationally recognized regulations.

“I stand with Colorado families in favor of safe and affordable energy development and in opposition to Jared Polis, who is waging a personal, one-man crusade to put Colorado’s natural gas producers out of business by placing initiatives on the ballot that could result in bans on hydraulic fracturing.  His efforts endanger up to 110,000 Colorado jobs and access to affordable, clean energy supplies,” concluded Leing.

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