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CSU Collegian Endorses George Leing

In what is perceived as a real spoiler, the CSU Rocky Mountain Collegian newspaper endorsed George Leing for Congress in the 2nd Congressional, passing over incumbent Jared Polis. 

“I am thrilled about receiving the endorsement of the Editorial Board of the Collegian.  A big focus of our campaign has been to fight for opportunities for young Americans.  Young adults today face a weak job market with an increasing share of part-time work, a mountain of student debt, and uncertain futures.  I want to restore the American Promise and build an economy that is stronger for them."

The Collegian endorsement is copied bellowed in its entirety: 

This board endorses Republican candidate George Leing to represent Colorado’s 2nd District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Leing has extensive experience in energy law and a responsible fiscal policy that our federal government sorely needs. While incumbent Democrat Jared Polis has done a decent job over the past six years, he seems out of touch with his constituency. His misguided fracking ban would be bad for a booming fracking industry, and was seemingly conceived without the consideration of industry input. Leing’s energy policy is more pragmatic, accepting the eventual goal of renewables, but over a gradual transition rather than an outright reversal. Furthermore, his views on health care and immigration reform are well developed and contrast with much of the national Republican rhetoric on these issues. In what will almost certainly be a Republican majority House, a moderate Republican voice like George Leing would carry more weight than Polis’. For these reasons, this board endorses George Leing