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Colorado Wins, Polis Loses - Round 2 is in November

(BOULDER, CO) – Rep. Jared Polis today under overwhelming pressure from constituents, business leaders, and industries from around Colorado agreed to drop his extreme, job-killing ballot measures.

“Jared Polis’ game of chicken with the people of Colorado is on temporary hold,” said Leing.  “Today’s announcement is a victory for the people of Colorado, but it is only a temporary victory.  I anticipate that unless the citizens speak loudly and clearly, this will only be a short-term ceasefire, and that he will be back, forcing his radical job-killing agenda on the people of the state.  His intentions are clear: he is going to continue to hold the best interests of Colorado hostage to his personal whims and checkbook. 

“It is clear that Rep. Polis folded because he did not have enough support.  Colorado will live under the threat of a looming crisis until this battle is won once and for all.  As long as Jared Polis threatens to foist new, job-killing efforts upon Colorado employers, dark storm clouds loom for Colorado’s fragile economy. 

“This November, the voters of Colorado’s Second Congressional District have an opportunity to impose a permanent resolution to Polis’ game of chicken.  They will vote Polis out of office,” concluded Leing.