Press Releases

George Leing Releases First Installment of a New Web Video Series

“The purpose of these videos is for voters to get a chance to see who I am and why I am running.  I believe that people are tired of career politicians and the endless gridlock in Washington.  I want voters to know that I am a problem solver, and that I will strive to help break the gridlock and work for the American people.” - George Leing

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Jared Polis Finally Fesses Up: Obamacare Contains Massive Tax Hike [Press Release]

Republican Congressional Candidate George Leing today challenged Rep. Jared Polis for remarks made during a House Rules Committee Hearing, in which Polis claimed that the House’s lawsuit against President Obama was tantamount to a tax hike.  Polis alleged that Republican efforts to require the President to enforce the law would necessitate enforcement of the long-delayed Obamacare employer mandate, and characterized the mandate as a tax increase. 

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George Leing Applauds the American Legion and Calls for the V.A. to Step Up Reforms [Press Release]

The Republican candidate for the U.S. House seat representing the Second Congressional District, George Leing, has applauded the American Legion for establishing a Veterans Crisis Command Center at American Legion Post #4 in Fort Collins. The Command Center is intended to assist local veterans and family members affected by delays in access to health care at the VA's Fort Collins outpatient clinic.

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