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Congressional Candidate George Leing Denounces Personhood Amendment

Measure counterproductive to pro-life cause and candidates, says Leing

(Boulder, CO)  - George Leing today denounced the so-called “Personhood Amendment” (Amendment 67) facing Colorado voters this fall.
“This so-called Personhood Amendment is vague, risks unintended consequences on women’s healthcare, and hurts the pro-life cause and candidates,” stated Leing.  “I do not support it.” 
“If Republicans, including pro-life Republicans, are to win elections statewide in Colorado, they must stand up to these efforts.  Just as many Democrats seem unwilling to oppose some of the extreme elements of their party, too many Republicans have succumbed to “personhood” advocates.
“Every life is treasured and valued and instead of turning toward government to reduce the numbers of abortions let’s work to support individuals facing this decision one person at a time.  An attempt to pass top-down, government-oriented measures will only further divide our country and do little to curb the number of abortions.  We should be working to remove government from such issues rather than increase its involvement," concluded Leing.

George Leing is running for Congress against Representative Jared Polis in Colorado's Second Congressional District.
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