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George Leing, New Video: "I'm Not Afraid to Reach Across the Aisle"

(Boulder, CO) – George Leing released his second Web Video today, sharing a message that you do not hear very often on the campaign trail. George acknowledged the increasingly partisan political landscape, believing it to be endangering the future of the country.

 Leing said, “There are so many important issues facing our country, from the immigration crisis, our ballooning 17.7 trillion dollar national debt, increasing healthcare costs, and a weak recovery that is producing too much part-time and not enough full-time work.  We will only be able to solve these problems if we can get everyone to the table, and come up with some solutions. 

 “I am not afraid to face the political cost to lead this effort.  I was a business negotiator for thirty years for a variety of companies and corporations, and I know that part of finding a solution is putting everything on the table, and finding common ground.”

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