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George Leing Releases First Installment of a New Web Video Series

(BOULDER, CO) – George Leing released the first video in a series of new web videos today to talk about his candidacy and make a case to the voters of the Second Congressional District.

George said, “The purpose of these videos is for voters to get a chance to see who I am and why I am running.  I believe that people are tired of career politicians and the endless gridlock in Washington.  I want voters to know that I am a problem solver, and that I will strive to help break the gridlock and work for the American people.”

In the first video, George acknowledges that he does not have the resources of Rep. Polis.  George said, “I do not need to outraise him to win this election.  We have a plan to let the voters know that there is an alternative if they are ready to send a fresh face with new ideas to Washington.”

You can see the first video below:

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