George Leing on the Issues

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Restoring America's Promise

As the son of immigrants from China, George grew up watching his parents live the American dream.  George's father ran several small businesses, some more successful than others, while building a future for his family.  This kind of opportunity, where people are inspired to strike out on their own to pursue their dreams, does not exist today in America the way it did back then.  We owe it to ourselves and the next generation to restore this promise: to make it easier for new and existing businesses to flourish, and to create the opportunities for students and workers to get good jobs and advance their careers.  We must reduce unnecessary regulations and tax burdens, and remove the obstacles that are preventing growth.   

George believes that candidates running for office have a duty to offer and promote solutions to the citizens of their district.  Once elected, George will be a transformational leader in Congress.  George will use his thirty year background in business law and energy to shape a better future for our country and for its future generations of citizens.


Colorado Jobs and the Economy

The American economy has remained stagnant despite the promise of a "summer of recovery" and the trillions of dollars of fiscal stimulus that have failed to jumpstart the economy.  Meanwhile, the number of unemployed, underemployed and those who have left the workforce continues to rise. The weak economy has hit the young and minorities particularly hard. One-quarter of recent college graduates are returning to live with their parents. Young Americans are even delaying getting married and starting their families.

These statistics are unacceptable.  We need policies that reduce the barriers to economic growth.  We must ease the regulatory burdens that small businesses face.  Under the Affordable Care Act (the "ACA"), businesses will face over 10,500 pages of new regulations (based on the Federal Register), and disincentives for hiring more workers.  We must reverse this trend and get the economy going.

George has 30 years of experience representing businesses, both large and small, helping them navigate and comply with regulations to gain financing and grow their businesses and thus be able to hire additional employees.  George's style has always been to work collaboratively and identify the unique objectives of the parties with whom he works and seek win-win solutions.  Using this business experience and style, George is ready to go to Washington D.C. to be a leader in championing common sense reforms that will allow businesses to focus on what they do best: their business.


The ACA is fundamentally flawed.  Americans deserve far better.  Individuals and their doctors are best positioned to make medical decisions, not the federal government.  More and more we are learning that government bureaucrats will be imposing their will on our personal healthcare decisions by virtue of the ACA.

For example, patients are learning that in many cases their preferred (and previously covered) medications are not covered by any of the plans available to them.  Patients will now be personally paying for many of the drugs which are necessary to maintain their health.  This is all because under the ACA, the government has the authority to limit Americans’ access to the drugs they and their doctors have chosen for their effective treatment.  This arbitrary dictating by the government on subjects that matter deeply to Americans is a perfect example of the current trend toward government involvement in choices which should instead be left to individuals to make for themselves.  (For more details, see:

The ACA must be replaced with sensible patient-focused reforms to bend the cost curve. 

Insurance competition.  Health insurance companies should be able to sell their policies across state lines.  Insurance companies will then be competing for your healthcare dollar.  Allowing health insurers to work across state lines will let them increase their pools, lower costs, and provide you the best, most transparent coverage.  Under the ACA, your policies are determined by bureaucrats who have no motivation to give you the lowest cost or the best services.  When insurers compete with each other, the consumer wins.

Price transparency.  Unlike virtually every other consumer market, it is very difficult to determine the exact prices of medical procedures.  If medical pricing was transparent, patients could make more informed decisions about their care.  As pricing becomes known to patients, free market competition will be fostered which will lower costs.

Medical liability reform.  Limiting damages from healthcare lawsuits will reduce frivolous claims, lower medical malpractice insurance costs and decrease the need for unnecessary testing.  These savings can be passed on to patients -- keeping more money in the pockets of patients instead of trial lawyers. 

Bottom Line.  We must work to preserve the doctor-patient relationship and ensure that medical decisions are made within that context, rather than having treatment options limited by bureaucrats who have no knowledge of the specifics of an individual case.  The more we can reduce the influence of third party insurance companies and government bureaucrats on the decisions between you and your doctor, the better.

Stop the Partisanship

Pay Down the Debt

When President Obama was elected in 2008, the national debt stood at $10.6 trillion.  It currently sits at $17.7 trillion and is increasing by more than a billion a day.  Yes, prior Republican administrations grew the national debt as well, but not to the unprecedented levels resulting from the implementation of the big government programs of the Obama White House and his supporters in Congress.  George believes that new leadership is desperately needed to prevent this growing crisis.  We owe it to future generations to get our fiscal house in order.  We must focus on finding savings in every part of the budget.  We can cut earmarks, reduce inefficiencies, and reintroduce Pay-As-You-Go policies.  Further, the focus needs to be on growing the economy to increase the revenue base, rather than on increasing taxes. 

Protect Our Rights

The NSA is violating our civil liberties and is out of control.  Congressional oversight is necessary to refocus our intelligence agency on targeting terrorists and the threat they pose to our country and our families.  The NSA must stop its warrantless collection of data and spying on innocent Americans. 

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment affords individuals the right to keep and bear arms.  George opposes a national gun registry and laws that restrict the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns.  Policies that make it more difficult for innocent Americans to protect their homes and families make our communities less safe.  George stands with gun owners and will be a defender of your rights.

Secure America's Energy Independence

Within a decade, the United States could become energy independent but only if we take advantage of the natural resources that exist in this country, such as natural gas.  George will champion policies that responsibly develop the natural resources we have right here in America.

George also has years of experience working in the renewable energy industry.  Renewable energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, and others have great potential, and need to be a part of the future of our energy policy in America.  George understands that alternative energy only makes sense if it is economical and sustainable.  He will work to provide a better regulatory environment so that these companies can become profitable, and stand on their own to bring us into the future.

George has signed the Loveland Energy Action Project Pledge, to support the defeat of Question 1 (banning hydraulic fracturing) in Loveland.