We Aren't Buying What Polis Is Selling

In a recent Denver Post Opinion Piece, Jared Polis attempts to rewrite the history of his oil and gas propositions, their withdrawal and the proposed blue ribbon panel.  Polis claimed that his goal was to "solve the (fracking) problem" and that his actions have brought every group to the discussion table.

He attempts to pose himself as a reasonable voice, raising awareness of the fracking debate.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

If Mr. Polis really was interested in reasonably working with all of the parties, then why did he not try to bring them to the table at the start instead of holding the people of Colorado and the state’s economy hostage?  The so-called compromise of a study panel emerged at the last second, and as a political face-saver.  

Mr. Polis has brought uncertainty and chaos to the oil and gas industry and jeopardized over a hundred thousand Colorado jobs.  

Even his former supporters see through his actions.  Perhaps you’ve heard the reports of recent protests at the town hall meetings he has cynically been scheduling to try to shore up support with his election looming and his seat in jeopardy.